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Hey this is Mr. Soto, 20, and bi. This is my main blog where I post some anecdotes of my life and some photographs. Posts with the tag Mr. Soto are mine. Everything else I've reblogged or it's just really really old. Hope you enjoy my posts.
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My boyfriend saw this and squealed like a little girl and asked to watch it several more times XD

OK, so it turns out that all animals are cute when they squeak. This makes me happy.

But sloths out squeak all the others! =D

Reminds me of the deer my older brother brought in one time. We took care of her until she was too grown and could hop 4ft. fences. She had two babies. We see her very once in a while. She lives in the wilderness of the Northern California Sierra.

So all of my grades for all of my classes that I took this semester have been posted. I passed all but one class. I got a B in my Accounting class, which I am pretty sure is wrong because I was adding all of my grades and calculating my grade. It should have been a C, but I’ll take the B grade. 

I got a C in my Economics and U.S. History classes, which I am glad because for a moment I thought  failed my U.S. History class. 

The on class I failed was my Business math class with a D. Which I dislike very much, especially since I have never failed a class. It brought my GPA down from a 3.0 to a 2.8. I must work on getting it up and actually passing my classes. Its just been hard to work full time and go to college full time. 

I am off of work! Today wasn’t very busy. Boss picked on one co-worker though. We both teamed up to see how fast he would get paranoid. I stood at the door greeting customers while she walked around picking up any candy on the floor and making the store look organized. It did not last very long though. The parade was nice though. Since the Sacramento Music Festival is going on this weekend. Worst part of all is that it ends on my birthday and I have to work on my birthday. I can’t even call in sick because then I’ll get fired.I have been working since Tuesday and I con’t be able to get a day off until the Monday after this coming Monday. :((((.

Don’t have a single resting day off of work for the next week. Been working since Wednesday. :(

Its been a long time since I’ve been on here. Decided to make a video.

There are days where I am just glad that I don’t have class so I can procrastinate on doing my homework. Then comes the day I have to turn it in and I realize I still have homework for other classes, and I am just crammed with homework, but I still procrastinate. (Hence why I am on Tumblr and not finishing my History Essay). I still have accounting and business math. Its a lot of homework!

Sorry I haven’t been on here for a very long time. I’ve just been busy with College and Work. I am currently taking 13 units and working a full time job. Although due to the season I am part-time. So far life is good though. I am going to be moving in with my boyfriend on the 24th. Hopefully I will be back on here daily. Cause I surely miss it. I miss my friends that made here. Hope everyone is doing well, and is enjoying their night/day.


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Walking With Giants (Shreddie Mercury Remix) by Blondfire

Dr. Who Cosplay.

In the city!