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Hey this is Mr. Soto, 20, and bi. This is my main blog where I post some anecdotes of my life and some photographs. Posts with the tag Mr. Soto are mine. Everything else I've reblogged or it's just really really old. Hope you enjoy my posts.
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There are days where I am just glad that I don’t have class so I can procrastinate on doing my homework. Then comes the day I have to turn it in and I realize I still have homework for other classes, and I am just crammed with homework, but I still procrastinate. (Hence why I am on Tumblr and not finishing my History Essay). I still have accounting and business math. Its a lot of homework!

Sorry I haven’t been on here for a very long time. I’ve just been busy with College and Work. I am currently taking 13 units and working a full time job. Although due to the season I am part-time. So far life is good though. I am going to be moving in with my boyfriend on the 24th. Hopefully I will be back on here daily. Cause I surely miss it. I miss my friends that made here. Hope everyone is doing well, and is enjoying their night/day.


Mr. Soto

Walking With Giants (Shreddie Mercury Remix) by Blondfire

Dr. Who Cosplay.

In the city!


Its not windy enough to go outside and fly a kite. :(

Santa Cruz.

Can I just say that Santa Cruz was really fun, and I had a great time with my boyfriend. We went on rides, and to the beach. We played at the arcade and we got enough tickets to get Domo and a few other things. Then he and his friends got a tattoo. I held his hand while he was getting his. It was an eventful weekend. 

Santa Cruz.








I love that I went to high school with this kid.
I actually got him kicked out of AVCS by accident. whoop.

Who was this Marcie? Did I know him too?

Yeah! It was Alex. He used to ride a scooter to school and shit, then there was an incident where he called Christian a nigger and Christian pinned him against the wall and he had to come to school only after school.

OH MY GODS I REMEMBER HIM!!! He called me a fatass once.

Yeah. I don’t know what was up with him, man. Like, it seemed like autism, ‘cause he was a lot like my cousin, but sometimes he just seemed so into doing wrong shit, I never knew.

Exactly! Like… sometimes it seemed like autism, but others he just seemed like a mean person.

is there a problem that needs dealing with?

I remember him! 

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In Santa Cruz!