A Silent Capture

Hey this is Mr. Soto, 20, and bi. This is my main blog where I post some anecdotes of my life and some photographs. Posts with the tag Mr. Soto are mine. Everything else I've reblogged or it's just really really old. Hope you enjoy my posts.
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Sunflower I.

More Ties.

More knots! I had a bit of trouble with the Truelove knot, but I got it. The cape knot I like. The Bow tie though! I actually didn’t tie it, I bought it as it is. Another thing I just looked at the invitation, the wedding isn’t until July 6th. I feel somewhat lame, and disapointed. I was so excited! XD

Tie Knots.

Just to help me relax. I decided to tie ties, and to decide what tie to wear to the wedding on Saturday. The one that I like the most is the trinity tie knot. I still have to buy a bow tie, which is what I really want to wear to a wedding on Saturday. What color though?

The Lady Bugs III


These are the books that I had ordered on line. I don’t even know why I got them, but The Modern Gentleman is actually a nice book to read. Right now I’m just reading about manners on social websites and with people in particular. Some were new to me, and some I are very familiar with. Scanwich has some good recipes though, I haven’t actually gotten to make one of the sandwiches in there, but they look good. Well there a few I have had though. So I’ll try to finish these books and try to see if I have learned anything new.

Electric Fire…

There are many things that come up in our minds. What very few do is keep them and make them true.

P.S. I am sorry I haven’t posted lately I’ve been a bit busy with college and planing a trip to Puebla, Mexico.